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The Owl and the Woodpecker: cover
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The Owl and the Woodpecker: cover
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About the book

Every wild place and urban area in North America hosts an owl or a woodpecker species, while healthy natural places often boast representatives of both. The diversity of these two families of birds, and the ways in which they define and enrich the ecosystems they inhabit, are the subject of this vivid book by photographer and naturalist Paul Bannick.

The Owl and The Woodpecker showcases a sense of these birds’ natural rhythms, as well as the integral spirit of our wild places. Based on thousands of hours in the field photographing these fascinating and wily birds, Bannick evokes all 41 North American species of owls and woodpeckers, across 11 key habitats. And by revealing the impact of two of our most iconic birds, Bannick has created a wholly unique approach to birding and conservation.

  • Perfect holiday book for all bird–watchers
  • An in–depth and comprehensive look at two of our most iconic—and important—bird families
  • Great for photography lovers, conservationists, and backyard enthusiasts alike
  • Includes a foreword by award–winning artist and writer Tony Angell and a CD of Owl and Woodpecker calls by Martyn Stewart.

I am happy to sign and personalize them for you or others. If you would like to order copies, please send an email to me at titled “The Owl and the Woodpecker Book Order.”


Washington State Book Awards Finalist

The Owl and the Woodpecker was selected as one of the five finalists for the 2009 Washington State Book Awards in the General Non–Fiction category. This award was formerly known as the Governer's Writers Award. You can see more details, including the titles of winners and finalists here.

NPR Recommends The Owl and the Woodpecker

The Picture Show, NPR's blog on photos from around the world, recommended The Owl and the Woodpecker in its list of photo book gift ideas for 2009.

Paul Bannick's Article in Pacific Northwest Magazine

From owls and woodpeckers, an indication of our future, and inspiration to fix it. Read the article.

Interview in The Seattle Times

Bellevue-born author/photographer goes to the birds. Read the article.

The Owl and the Woodpecker: #1 hardcover

The Owl and the Woodpecker hits #1 among all hardcover books at Elliott Bay Bookstore.


“The Owl and the Woodpecker is a monumental work of photojournalism by one of North America’s top wildlife photographers. The images you’ll encounter in this book are the result of an encyclopedic knowledge of birds and their habitats, an intense love of nature, and endless patience. For anyone who appreciates wild things and wild places, each of Bannick’s stunning photographs is worth ten thousand words.”

— Ted Williams, Editor-at-Large, Audubon magazine

“What a glorious book! Paul Bannick’s photographs reveal the startling beauty and complex survival strategies of the owl and the woodpecker, North America’s most charismatic—and crucial—cavity–nesting birds. These are images to savor again and again.”

— Bruce Barcott, Contributing Editor to Outside Magazine and author of The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw

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