Speaking Engagements

Paul Bannick speaking

Photo by Danny Ngan

Paul Bannick speaking


Paul Bannick speaking

Photo by Rich Lawrence

An accomplished public speaker with hundreds of well—received presentations, Paul has delivered keynotes for dozens of festivals and annual meetings across North America, with many asking him back within the year. His programs combine breathtaking photos, compelling audio, and an engaging style that keeps audiences entertained. An emphasis on natural history and the interconnectedness of species and habitat combined with exhilarating photos and audio ensure a presentation that is both informative and spellbinding.

Paul can deliver any of many existing programs, or he can create custom presentations on natural history themes, particularly those dealing with birds and habitat. Some of Paul’s most popular programs include:

Owls and Woodpeckers of North America

Paul’s presentations on owls and woodpeckers take audiences on a visual and auditory exploration of habitats of North America through the owls and woodpeckers that most define and enrich these places. This photographic field report celebrates the ways the lives of these two iconic birds are intertwined with one another, and their role as keystone and indicator species for their environment. Audiences are immersed in the sights and sounds of forest, grassland, arctic, and desert, and in the entertaining and informative details of Paul’s narrative. The hidden life of these birds is obvious for those who know how to find it. Paul knows how to find it, and how to bring it to life for his audiences through photos, sound, and story.

  • Owls and Woodpeckers of North America
  • Owls and Woodpeckers of The Pacific Northwest
  • Owls and Woodpeckers of The West
  • Owls and Woodpeckers of Any North American Region, State, or Habitat
  • Owls of Any North American Region
  • Woodpeckers of Any North American Region

Birds by Season and Habitat

Paul takes audiences on a multimedia journey across seasons and habitats where birds are the actors. Through intimate images, this presentation examines the sometimes surprising, often dramatic, and always engaging behavior of the birds through distinct times and places. This stunning photographic study is accompanied by stories and rich natural history derived from thousands of hours in the field, and looks at the way key indicator species define and enrich their habitat and how their life histories are inter-twined. Audiences will travel with the birds through courtship, mating and nesting in the spring; summer’s busy months of fledging and feeding; independence and dispersal in the fall; and winter’s struggle to survive. Anyone interested in birdlife amidst North America's wonderful natural settings is sure to be enthralled by this extraordinary program.

  • Birds by Habitat and Season in the Pacific Northwest
  • Birds by Habitat and Season in the West
  • Birds by Habitat and Season in Any North American Region or State

Birds of Costa Rica

From the Pacific to the Caribbean, and the mountains to lowlands, the jewel-bright feathered denizens of the Costa Rica are captured with breathtakingly intimate detail in Paul’s photos and stories. As with all Paul’s presentations, the focus is on the relationship between the birds and their habitat. Paul’s insight, gained through many hours in the field, will familiarize the strange and show audiences how the familiar becomes exotic when looked at through the right lens. Audiences will gain an enhanced appreciation for the beauty, variety, and natural history of some of the world’s most beautiful birds.

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Select Past Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Festival Keynotes: National Audubon Convention; California Birding Symposium; Southwest Wings Festival; John Scharff Migratory Bird Festival; Lodi California Crane Festival; Othello Sandhill Crane Festival (2); Washington Audubon 25th Anniversary Dinner; International Migratory Bird Festival; Columbia Council of Camera Clubs; Wings Over Washington; Leavenworth Bird Festival; Endangered Species Coalition; National Wildlife Rehabilitators; Creative Retirement; Blues and Birds Festival–Pacific City, OR; St. George Winter Birding Festival, St. George Utah; Sax-Zim Bog Birding Festival, Meadowlands, Minnesota; Central Valley Birding Symposium, Stockton California; Dubois Grouse Days; Puget Sound Bird Festival.

Audubon Chapters: Portland; Washington State Audubon; Seattle Audubon; East Cascades Audubon–Bend, OR; Yakima Audubon; Kitsap Audubon; Rainier Audubon; Lane County Audubon; Skagit Audubon; Maricopa Audubon annual meeting (2); Madrone Audubon Annual Meeting; Santa Clara Audubon; Golden Gate Audubon (2); Boulder Audubon (2); Fort Collins Audubon; Aiken Audubon–Colorado Springs (2); Vashon Audubon; Whidbey Island Audubon (2); Spokane Audubon; North Central Washington Audubon; Santa Barbara Audubon; Redbud Audubon; Mt. Diablo Audubon; North Cascades Audubon; Boulder County Audubon (2); Blue Mountain Audubon.

Other: Wildlife Society of Oregon Annual Meeting; Gonzaga University, Spokane Washington, Environmental Studies Lecture; Washington State Convention Center; Seattle Rotary Club; Tacoma Rotary Club; Powells Books–Portland, OR; REI Seattle; Third-Place Books Seattle; Eagle Harbor Books–Bainbridge Island; Port Angeles WA Library; Tacoma Public Library; Tacoma Rotary Club; Everett Public Library; Ballard Public Library; Redmond Public Library; Port Townsend Library; Boulder Bird Club; San Juan Island Library; Triology Bird Group; San Diego Bird; Peninsula Wilderness Club; Village Books; Santa Cruz Bird Club; Tattered Cover Bookstore–Denver; SWERVE; Samish Island Garden Club; Friends of the Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge; Foothills Mountaineers; Seattle Mountaineers.

Conservation Organizations: National Audubon Society; Alaska Wilderness League; Conservation Northwest; Endangered Species Coalition; Denver Field Ornithologists; North Cascades Institute; IslandWood; Audubon Nature Center — Seward Park; Wilderness Awareness School; Cedar River Watershed; Lummi Island Heritage Trust; Methow Valley Land Conservancy; Washington Ornithological Society; Nature Vancouver–Vancouver BC; Nisqualley Wildlife Refuge; NW Stream Center; Kentucky Ornithological Society; American River Conservancy.

Natural History Museums: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Frank H. McClung Museum, University of Tennesee Knoxville; High Desert Museum, Bend Oregon; University of Washington’s Burke Museum; Whatcom County Museum of Natural History; Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center (3).

Upcoming Events

JUN 30
Through July 12
Jaguars and Wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal

Pantanal, Brazil  
JUL 13
Through July 25
Jaguars and Wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal

Pantanal, Brazil  
The Owl & The Woodpecker Traveling Exhibit
Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Walnut Creek, CA
Through January 2, 2017  
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Book Launch
Mt. Diablo Auditorium
Walnut Creek, CA
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Book Launch
Lindsay Wildlife Center
Walnut Creek, CA
November 4-5
Photography Workshops
Lindsay Wildlife Center
Walnut Creek, CA
Sandhill Crane Festival Keynote
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Lodi, CA
10:00 AM
Photography Workshop
Sandhill Crane Festival
Lodi, CA
NOV 10
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Castle Pines Wildlife Committee
Castle Pines, CO
NOV 10
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Denver Audobon
Denver, CO
NOV 12
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Book Launch
Tuscon Audobon
Tuscon, AZ
NOV 15
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Montgomery Park
Portland, OR
NOV 19
Wild Arts Book Fair
Portland, OR
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls — Methow Conservancy Holiday Social
Winthrop Barn
Winthrop, WA
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Book Launch
Kitsap Audobon
Poulsbo, WA
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Okanogan Highlands Alliance
Tonasket, WA
JAN 23
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Denver Field Orinthologists
Denver, COL
JAN 24
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Boulder Audobon
Boulder, CO
JAN 25
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Aiken Audobon
Colorado Springs, CO
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Vancouver, BC
FEB 16
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Opening Keynote
Winter Wings Festival
Klamath Falls, OR
The Owl and the Woodpecker National Traveling Exhibit
Through May 17, 2017
Youngstown, OH
MAR 11
Wings over Washington Birding Festival Keynote
7:00 PM
Blaine, WA
MAR 16
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
7:00 PM
New Book Event
Sacramento, CA
MAR 17
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
7:00 PM
Effie Yeaw Nature Center
Carmichael, CA
APR ??
Othello Sandhill Crane Festival
Othello, WA
May 7
OWL: A Year in The Lives of North American Owls
Fellows Riverside Gardens
Youngstown, OH
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Praise for Paul’s Presentations

“No one does a better job than Paul of communicating the beauty of nature as art; the complexity of nature as science; and the seduction of nature as a source of enduring wonder.”

– Luke J. Swetland, President & CEO, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

“Paul Bannick is a gifted, inspired, and technically superb photographer. He is also a man who can draw an audience into his closely and carefully observed world. An energetic and knowledgeable speaker, Paul wants every individual in the room to get as close to his experience in the wild as he can bring them through word, sound and image. We love hearing the stories that accompany these photographs because they bring us close to a world he has taken the time and care to understand and document.”

– Diane Quinn, Director of Education, The Burke Museum of Natural History, University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

“Among the many public programs that bring one into the more intimate moments in Nature, Paul Bannick's visual and narrative presentations are among the very best. In much of Bannick's work, and because of his patience and exceptional skills as a photographer, one discovers the recording of activity of our wild companions that was heretofore unknown. As part of his audience I've been inspired by the elegance and the information conveyed in both his images and his informed and original commentary.”

– Tony Angell, award-winning artist and writer, co-author and illustrator of In the Company of Crows and Ravens and author of Puget Sound Through the Artist's Eye and several other books. Seattle, Washington

“Paul is one of the finest speakers we've had at Gonzaga University. As Paul makes so clear, the animals are beautiful but so is the habitat needed to sustain them... Paul's presentation gives a sense of excitement and awe of nature as if we were seeing Owls and Woodpeckers for the very first time. This is a presentation that people will remember for years to come.”

– Jonathon B. Isacoff, Chair of Environmental Studies, Gonzaga University

“Paul Bannick ranks as one of the most gifted interpreters of our region's famed natural heritage. His presentations feature beautiful photographs of the area's wildlife, all his own, coupled with a brilliant soundtrack. Paul's delivery is accurate, punctuated with humor, and inspirational. Further, as an ardent conservationist, a clear environmental message comes through to spur his audience to love and protect the beautiful natural subjects he depicts. I'll wager quite a sum, anybody interested in the wild will be enthralled with Paul's programs.”

– Andy Stepniewski Author of “Birds of Yakima County, Washington”
Yakima, WA

“Boulder County Audubon members were so entranced by Paul's talk on owls and woodpeckers that we invited him back for a second time. The photos are stunning, and Paul's passion for relationships in nature evoke the wonder of the web of life.”

– Stephen Jones, author of The Last Prairie, a Sandhills Journal and Peterson Field Guide to the North American Prairie
Boulder, Colorado

“Although every wildlife photographer now calls themselves a conservation photographer, [Paul does] the BEST job of anyone I have heard or read in connecting the dots between interconnected species and a compelling rationale for preserving and protecting adequate habitat so they can thrive.”

– Carl Norbeck, Executive Director, Audubon of Greater Denver
Denver, CO

“I was told that Paul was a fine speaker and his photos jaw-dropping. They were right. It is not often that someone lives up to the hype. But Paul exceeded expectations. Owls, woodpeckers and other wild critters are lucky to have such a talented advocate. A truly outstanding presentation—photos and text.”

– Tom Scribner, President, Blue Mountain Audubon, Walla Walla, WA

“Paul Bannick's presentation was so popular that we asked him to make a return engagement. This guy has spent a lot of time in wild places, knows his wildlife, and has a deep passion for birds, habitats and their conservation. Paul is a brilliant teacher who punctuated his lesson with a conservation message - that these beautiful creatures are under constant pressure to survive and need our help. The Owl and the Woodpecker is more than a coffee table book of beautiful bird photos. And Paul's presentation is more than a nature slide show. It is an intersection of stark natural beauty, breathtaking photographic art, and brilliant lessons in conservation. I look forward to my next opportunity to see it again.”

– Mark Welther, Executive Director, Golden Gate Audubon
San Francisco, California

“The audience was transfixed. Paul must have selected the best from a number of photos but to have so many "bests" spoke to the patience, endurance and skill of the photographer. I think Paul could have gone on for another hour without losing anyone. We all would attend a repetition should we have the opportunity.”

– Herb Wisner, Program Chairman, Lane County Audubon, Eugene, OR

“Paul presents a high quality, educational, relevant program that grabs your attention and leaves you in awe of all things living. His superb images of the living world cause one to realize that life is powerful, from the intense yellow eyes of the Great Gray Owl, to the electric sapphire blue plumage of the Mountain Bluebird to the spectacular speed of a Rufous Hummingbird, all these speak to a living, vibrant world that will reach out and pull you in.”

– Mike Denny – Author, Naturalist and Riparian Habitat Specialist, co-author of Where the Great River Bends: A Natural and Human History of the Columbia at Wallula, Birds of the Inland Northwest and Northern Rockies, and Birds of Interior BC and the Rockies
Walla Walla, Washington

“If you have a chance to hear Paul Bannick, take it. He's one of those rare presenters who weaves together all the right ingredients for a superb program that is both entertaining and educational for beginners, experts and everyone in between.”

– Mary Kiesau, Methow Conservancy Education Coordinator
Winthrop, Washington

“Paul Bannick has a rare blend of scientific knowledge, photographic genius and passion for the natural world. I always learn something new from his presentations, and I never tire of watching the audience get drawn into his captivating stories. Paul is able to inspire those who already share his interests, and help others unlock doors to observing ecological relationships. The only challenge I’ve had in working with Paul is the devoted crowd he draws. We had 40 people on the waiting list for his last program and had to turn additional people away due to a packed house.”

– Julie Stonefelt, The Cedar River Watershed Education Center,
North Bend, WA

“Paul's program attracted the highest attendance we have ever had at a DFO meeting. One member told me that it was the best program we have had in his ten-plus years as a member. Paul's spectacular photos highlighted his dramatic anecdotes. Seeing his program helps enhance our understanding of the interdependency of species in the natural world.”

– Lynn Wilcockson, Vice President, Denver Field Ornithologists

“Through his awe inspiring photographs and contagious enthusiasm, Paul Bannick had our audiences and gallery visitors wonderfully entertained. But more importantly, he helped them understand the need for habitat conservation and to share his appreciation for the beauty of nature and its amazing adaptations.”

– Karen Pugh
Gallery Manager
National Center for Nature Photography
Toledo, Ohio